Kalacheva was born in 1982 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
She was first trained as a traditional artist concentrating on drawing and graphics. Later in her career Kalachiva also switches to murals, installations, sculptures, and less commonly book illustrations.

In her works, Kalacheva often shows the rich world of fairy tales and Kazakh traditional myth through the lens of contemporary visual vocabulary.

Notable recent projects include a series of performances «Why you are not satisfied» in Almaty in 2017, the international festival Art Energy Almaty in 2016, the international festival Astana ArtFest in 2016, an exhibition of young artists «WeRivers» curated by Yana Malinovskaya in the framework of the international festival of contemporary art ARTBAT FEST in 2015 as well as group exhibition Act of Creation curated by Vladislav Sludskiy in 2016.

She lives and works in Almaty.
Aleksandra Kalacheva