Aruzhan Zhumabek
Aruzhan Zhumabek (b. 1997) - young contemporary artist born in Taraz, Jambyl region in Kazakhstan. Graduated from Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilev faculty of graphic designs. Now lives and works in Almaty.

Founder of @36.63__ brand Jumabek works with painting, installation, graphics, embroidery and textile artworks. In artistic practices Jumabek uses personal experience and reflection on events of new history. Artists trying to deconstact such an abstract concept of «traditional values». Zhumabek’s creative quest connected with thoughts about human designation in the context of the coming singularity.

Jumabek’s works have been exhibited in various galleries in Kazakhstan.
In 2019, she won the Grand Prix of the “ARTBAT FEST” International Festival of Contemporary Art in Almaty.