Yelaman Muqtarkhan
Yelaman Muqtarkhan is a 24-year-old agender artist based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She holds a degree in Direction of Film and TV production from San Francisco University.

Muqtarkhan works with the mediums of fine arts, 3D art, objects and installation. Her work draws inspiration from images of her childhood memories and journey with gender identities. This personal exploration is intricately woven into her art, which is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of digital worlds and characters. In addition to her visual art, Muqtarkhan is also deeply involved in music and DJing. Her musical endeavors complement her visual art, as she often explores similar themes and emotions through sound. With the emphasis on queer visibility and decolonialism Muqtarkhan’s art and music reinterprets and expands the traditional narratives surrounding gender and sexuality in Central Asia. She seeks to create safe spaces where underrepresented voices can be heard and celebrated. Muqtarkhan aspires to widen the understanding of these concepts, promoting inclusivity within the regional artistic discourse. Muqtarkhan’s work not only reflects her personal history but also engages with broader social themes, making her an influential and significant voice in contemporary art.